No Man’s Sky came to PS4 last August 10 and PC did three days later. From that moment, is has produced in internet an of them battles more bitter between gamers around a game that came with the band of revolutionary and that to these heights of the party tries to remove is of over the label of “greater fail of the generation”.

After playing versions of PS4 and PC for many hours, it’s time to give an opinion of what seemed to us and, more than baited in its many flaws, the logical thing is to discover these shortcomings concept that made the game heartbreak for many players.

no man's sky

Absent economic engine

Surely No Man’s Sky could not have reached the heights of hype that has been achieved in the last two years were not for the idea which sold Hello Games that this title would be a multiplayer in its most essential part, which would look to other eyes that spatial immensity with trillions of planets that we can visit.

To have eaten that element (remember boxes PS4 with sticker and icon Online Game recommended PEGI) at the last moment, all the gameplay is coming down and remove at a stroke all the cooperative part and competitive than I could have No Man’s Sky. In addition, we do not mean only more or less able to fight against other explorers like us, but to the economic and commercial side should have this title.

Do not forget that one of the key games that have marked this genre, like Elite, was to have a powerful full economic engine of objects that could collect (or buy, or steal) for constructing most important items to sell to earn life more we felt like it. No Man’s Sky has given all that up and that interaction does not exist, so this is a title where you have to solear constantly, without any apparent goal, getting the resources they ask us to energize the ship and to continue our way to the center of the universe.

No specialization

With no possibility of finding anyone (except the aliens there in some bases) do not need to specialize in any way or choose a different marked by road Hello Games (which also is clear to us what it is). Our hero is what it is and we cannot opt for a class or profession to make a living in space.

In the classic titles of the genre, we could be merchants or pirates and live it. Here we are simply space pilots or visitors of all the planets that we tread, and no matter the team that we transport because there are only two elements that are important. So minimal are the dangers we run that have had to seek the excuse of poisonous atmospheres to create a handicap. No enemies who attack us (the guards are a joke), there is no interest in ending the animals alone should concern us collect the materials needed to recharge the ship and get the hell out towards another planet.

Change the planets, but not the game

Another inconceivable element of No Man’s Sky is that many planets we visit, the playing conditions do not change in either. Gives like gravity is greater in one or another will always jumps. Therefore, we will not notice heavier or lighter, even flora and fauna are adapted to these physical conditions and is repeated with each new we discovered planet.

That is certainly what is striking that No Man’s Sky is not only repetitive in the gameplay but the elements (visual mostly) intended to be changing the perception of the game do not change, so we have the impression of being constantly in the same place: designs of plants, rocks, alien structures, animals, etc. Everything is always the same.

Those spacewalks also lose a lot of interest when No Man’s Sky shows that are useless and are just a long journey without incident until the next planet. It seems that these paths (which will come a time when we want to be instant) is only justified to continue to collect minerals that are scattered by the many meteorites destroyed because, as a phase of the game, devoid of any interest. Moreover, having added to the game civilizations with which to interact, they would have made sense these trips to visit space bases, ships or simply trading to make money. However, it is not like that.

However, worst of all is…

Although we could go with the flaws of the game (the technicians are always correctable, the concept is not), worst of all is that many of the things we noted missing are those that Hello Games was clear that should be in No Man’s Sky, but it was impossible. Surely, a group indie could not face such a mammoth project and, much less, promising a multiplayer universe that were keeping it until the last minute would.

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No Man's Sky came to PS4 last August 10 and PC did three days later. From that moment, is has produced in internet an of them battles more bitter between gamers around a game that came with the band of revolutionary and that to these heights of the party...